Turnberry Lighthouse

turnberry lighthouse in scotland from rocks at low tide

Turnberry Lighthouse

This long exposure photograph of Turnberry Lighthouse on the west coast of Scotland ended up costing me quite a lot to capture! I’d clambered across the rocks at low tide to get to this position and set up my tripod, before taking a couple of four minute long exposures and a few other shots. When I turned around, I noticed that the tide had quietly crept in behind me and covered some of my path back to the beach. Top tip: If this happens to you, make sure to put your lens cap back on and preferably put the camera away in your bag before taking shoes and socks off to wade back through rock pools to the shore! I did neither and ended up with a badly scratched lens thanks to bumping it against a rock. This was my 24-105, which is my most used lens when travelling. As we were leaving on another trip a few days later, I didn’t have time to get it repaired and had to buy a new one.

I remember watching Pro Celebrity Golf at Turnberry on television years ago. They always turned the camera on Turnberry Lighthouse and Ailsa Craig, the island in the distance in this shot, and I’m glad I finally got to visit and photograph it – even if it was an expensive shot.

If you like this photo, you can get a print here.

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Kenneth Ness ARPS - January 13, 2018 - 11:24 am

Oh, but I feel for you and your scratched lens.
A great shot and the direction I’m trying to take my photography having messed about with derelict boats for years. I love the mood you have captured and as I get older I find scrambling over rocks becomming more difficult. I did something similar a few months back at Kaim of Mather where I “nipped” round the rocks on the beach still on sand to photograph the remains of the castle. Set the tripod with a Mamiya 645 oblivious to the tide and started to take photos, dog barks and tide is swirling round her paws, dashed back quickly to safety and never did get the shot. As it is 500 metres from home, I really must try again after checking tide times.
Regards, Kenneth Ness ARPS CPAGB

Ian Good - January 13, 2018 - 6:09 pm

Thank you Kenneth! It was a lesson learned, for sure. I hope you get your shot soon, without incident. 🙂

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